Al-Khair Foundation

Success Story

 Joma'a  Ali Khamis
Joma'a Ali Khamis

Meet Joma'a Ali Khamis, a high school graduate and a proud beneficiary of the AKF program dedicated to supporting marginalized individuals. Joma'a enrolled in the "Improving Income for Al-Muhamasheen Through Vocational Skills" initiative in Amanat Al-Asimah in 2022. This program aims to provide economic empowerment to 38 individuals from marginalized communities through professional training in sewing. Participants are also equipped with professional bags, enabling them to establish their own enterprises in the labor market. I am currently working as a tailor in the Al-Muhamasheen area in Sa'awan, Sana'a. This opportunity has not only enhanced my skills but has also opened doors for me to contribute to my community.

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