Al-Khair Center for Training and Social Development
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Al-Khair Center for Training and Social Development

 Al-Khair Center for Training and Social Development

AKF center is an official training Center registered by the Ministry of Technical Education and Vocational Training No(71) – (2011-560) The center Established in 2014, since then it has been designing training packages that are part of the training and capacity building plan prepared by the center, designated within the framework of the annual training plan. The center's training programs target employees in private sector and all companies. The center also provides professional internship opportunities for fresh graduates, that enabled the center to reach the highest score among working centers in Yemen.

Center’s Vision

The center seeks through its training programs to build the capabilities of individuals of both gender, to provide quality programs and develop skills corresponding with the needs and requirements of today’s labor market.


the matter is not limited to the group and its companies, as any company or institution can benefit from the program package that the center holds regularly during the year. Those commercial entities can also apply for and designate training programs that are compatible with their training objectives.


  • Providing training programs contributes in reflecting the Centers main goals and improve skills for both individuals and companies.
  • Skills empowerment for fresh graduates for both males and females, to be trained in their work field of expertise.
  • Build youth self-confidence and merge them with labor market.

Training programs

  1. Operate and use computers.
  2. English language.
  3. Administration and finance.
  4. Engineering.
  5. Human resources.
  6. Hotels and tourism.
  7. Sewing and detailing.
  8. Internship.

International training programs

  • Success at work.
  • EBCL program (international license for entrepreneurship).
  • Training of Trainers (TOT)
  • Self-improvement.

Training Modules

All training programs is designed through special training packages that match with training groups’ needs. Our consultants communicate with concerned agencies that needs training, to identify and develop a training strategy for their needed training. This would create a specialized training that serve the agencies needs at high standards, with training modules that give a focused skills and necessary improvement for staff. However International trainings are pre-designed through books and training modules pre-made.


The center offers a full packages trainings implemented by high qualified trainers and teachers, who has field experience in the same training subject, along with center’s international expertise that are specialized in the assigned training. Those trainers are selected through a high qualified experts and consultants registered in center’s database. We are proud to announce that we offer trainings that merge between abilities and skills with technical and theoretical experience.

Training Tools

The AKF center is using various of activities and practical application, which used during the training as interactive program, to give the participants modern training’s techniques.

Training Facilities

  • Training halls Equipped with modern technology (projector and TV monitors).
  • Internet.
  • Break


All AKF center’s certificates approved and authorized by ministry of technical Education and Vocational Training, for all participants, who pass the training exams. In addition to international training programs, that includes the following:

  • EBCL .
  • Project’s Professional management.