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 the Yemeni Migration - Reciprocal Impacts Study

the Yemeni Migration - Reciprocal Impacts Study


Al-Khair Foundation for Social Development, the Social Responsibility of Universal Group, has publicized its study on the reciprocal impacts of Yemeni migration. The study was conducted by a team of researchers from Yemen and abroad, and it collected data from a variety of sources, including interviews with Yemeni migrants, government officials, and experts.
The study found that Yemeni migrants have made significant contributions to the economies and societies of their host countries. They have also sent billions of dollars in remittances to their families in Yemen, which has helped to support the Yemeni economy.

The study also found that Yemeni migrants face a number of challenges, including discrimination, language barriers, and lack of access to education and healthcare.
The study recommends a number of policies to support Yemeni migrants, including providing them with access to education and healthcare, and helping them to integrate into their host societies.
As part of the publicity for the study, Al-Khair Foundation has delivered copies of the study to the following organizations:

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   - The Migration and Refugee Studies Center at Sana'a University
   - The Central Library at Sana'a University
   - Al-Qissah Club "نادي القصة-إل مقه"
The President of Sana'a University has praised the study and has agreed to host a workshop to discuss its findings. The workshop will be held in the near future.
Al-Khair Foundation is committed to disseminating the study widely and to working to support Yemeni migrants. The Foundation believes that the study is an important contribution to understanding the challenges and opportunities of Yemeni migration.