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 Decade of Goodness Ceremony Sponsored by Al-Khair Foundation for Social Development

Decade of Goodness Ceremony Sponsored by Al-Khair Foundation for Social Development


Today, Thursday, October 15, 2020, a farewell and reception ceremony for students benefiting from the (Education Support) program funded by Al-Khair Foundation for Social Development was held at the Shahran hotel in Sana’a city.
The presence of many prominent social figures, businesspersons, intellectuals, media professionals and youth had a significant impact on the success of the event. The event was inaugurated with a verse from the Holy Quran, then the national anthem, and then continued with many rhetorical and artistic speeches, most notably the welcoming speech of the Director General of Al-Khair Foundation for Social Development, Mr. Sadiq Al-Jumai. He spoke a word of welcome to all attendees and talked about the extent of his gratitude, pride and happiness in the “constellation of Goodness”, Al-Khair Foundation.
The event saw 32 male and female students graduate and welcomed 70 students for this year. There are about 196 students studying in different universities and various fields now.
In the context of his short speech, he said that he saw them as pearls of the sea and stars in the sky, and the Earth would benefit from their experience. He also touched on the foundation’s role in education, and the importance of paying attention to education to bring about the transformation process in society and its new construction, and that with knowledge, it is possible to confront and uproot the roots of poverty and terrorism from among the community. He also expressed his happiness and gratitude for finding the actual image of (Goodness) in Al-Khair Foundation, which is sponsored by the venerable Professor Alwan Saeed Al-Shaibani, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Al-Khair Foundation. In conclusion, he expressed his thanks to the staff who made efforts worthy of appreciation and respect to spruce up this ceremony.
The graduates' speech was given by the graduate Ayat al-Rahman, where her welcoming speech to the guests attending was that she praises and thanks God, and all those who helped stand by, support and backed her throughout her life, and that she found helpful hands extended to them. She stated that what was captivating her feelings was the hospitality, generosity and ethics of the staff of Al-Khair Foundation to offer her a cup of tea and stated that she had found this good and that everyone working in this field was crowned with humility. Before closing, she delivered a word of thanks and gratitude to everyone in Al-Khair Foundation, represented by its founder, Mr. Alwan Saeed Al-Shaibani, and to all the staff of the foundation as well. In the end, she concluded her speech with great thanks and gratitude to her virtuous mother for her support during her career and throughout this period.
After the previous graduate's speech ended, the event touched upon listening to the competent graduate Awal’s speech, in which she mentioned, like her previous companion, the extent of her gratitude and deep thanks, which cannot be described in all the words of life, about the generosity of Mr. Alwan Al Shaibani in her region. She mentioned that the Foundation has secured in her region (Bani Shaybah) during the past years all the support and needs necessary in the development of youth, especially in the educational field. Also, the Foundation has played a prominent role in qualifying high school graduates, especially in strengthening the field of English language and computer science, and that Al-Khair Foundation for Social Development provided Financial grants for its first graduates to pursue their university studies, in addition to the amounts of transportation fees and others. As for women's support, she mentioned that the Foundation provides development grants for women in handicrafts such as embroidery, sewing and engraving. Moreover, the graduate mentioned a saying in which she says, "If you educate a woman, you educate a society." The graduate also mentioned the Foundation's role in the agricultural field, such as distributing coffee tree seedlings among farmers. She also stated that she cannot describe and mention all the activities and prominent roles of the Foundation for these societies, and cannot fulfill her right in the humanitarian work she does, and the reason is due to the extent of people's love and appreciation for the foundation and that its goodness is pervading young and old. She said that today she practices her normal life like everyone else, without any discrimination between her and others, as well as with her family. In the end, she conveyed a word of thanks and appreciation to the president of the Foundation for his outstanding efforts in supporting these projects at a public level.

Muhammad Abdulwahab Al-Shaibani, the project coordinator of the Mutual Effects of Yemeni Immigration Project financed by the Foundation gave a speech during the event. During his speech, he thanked our two distinguished professors in the study team for the Mutual Effects of Yemeni Immigration in Sanaa, Hadramout, the United States, Canada and Europe. He also extended his sincere thanks and praise to the president of the Foundation, its Board of Trustees and its administrative staff for their unlimited support for the team’s work, wishing this celebration success, and for presenting the true picture of the foundation’s fieldwork. Its pioneering action has remained absent from many inside and outside the official institutions, because those in charge of it do not see the media promotion as a goal to define this act, and they still prefer that the actions speak for themselves.
Al-Khair Foundation commenced this pioneering civilization project when both the official institution and the private sector were absent, because those in charge of it, and at the head president Alwan Al-Shaibani, see this as one of the aspects of the institution's duties towards society and the civilized history of Yemen. Additionally, in its content it carries the high moral value that began to fade away, not from the actions of the capable officials and wealthy men, but from their minds as well.

The speech of Mr. Alwan Saeed Al-Shaibani, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Al-Alamiyah Group and founder and chairman of the Board of Trustees of Al-Khair Foundation for Social Development, focused on the role of the Foundation in public life, and how it invested in education because it is originally the main pillar for the development of peoples, and that countries do not progress without resorting to knowledge. He mentioned the extent of the talents, scholars and researchers present in this country who must be embraced. Mr. Alwan touched on the sources of monetary financing that supports Al-Khair Foundation, and that its main source comes from Al-Alamiyah Group, and he admitted that there is external financing, but it is considered very limited and is only implemented according to certain and very clear conditions. When he began implementing Al-Khair foundation project in Bani Shaybah, its focus was on education. Education is the basic pillar for building and developing peoples in various fields of public life.
Mr. Alwan also stated during his speech to the public that the year after graduating from high school and before joining the university is considered a lost and destructive year for the minds of young people and future generations. He said that he tried to discuss this matter with some officials, but no one gave him any consideration, so that is why the foundation took on this work. He also stated that such a problem destroys an entire generation of the country's youth, and the reason is due to the void in their lives, and because the void destroys peoples in the fullest sense of the word.
Then, in his talk, he touched on the various achievements made by Al-Khair Foundation to both develop youth skills and erase illiteracy. He said that there are no longer any illiterate people in his village or in his hometown, thanks to the intensification of the efforts of Al-Khair Institute in developing their competence. At the end of his speech, he mentioned that what he cares about is serving the country, but all this will only happen with the solidarity and cooperation of everyone's efforts, whether they are officials, businesspersons or others. The best minds are forced to leave their homelands because of the events that happen to them and that efforts must be made to support these young people to build the country's capabilities and future development.

Mr. Yahya Hussein Al-Arashi, Minister of Culture and former Minister of Unity Affairs, concluded with a brief speech about his relationship with Mr. Alwan Al-Shaibani, who was able to become both a human intellectual and successful businessperson, concerned with the issues of the country. A person who sees education as the first lever for the renaissance, and that his relationship with him, which extends for nearly half a century, made him aware of his human essence. Mr. Yahya wishes the Foundation's work all the best.